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Mounting > Easy Touch ALT-AZ Mount

Easy Touch ALT-AZ Mount
Easy Touch ALT-AZ Mount
Easy Touch ALT-AZ Mount
Easy Touch ALT-AZ Mount
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It is a discontinued product, displayed only for reference.

This new improved mount head mount is made by William Optics.
It is entirely made from aluminum with a stylish sanded finish and laser engraving. The knobs are stainless steel. We named it EAZY-Touch because it's easy to set-up and easy to use. Tracking stars has never been easier,even at high-power. The extremely high quality allows for smooth movements without the need for any slow-motion controls. This very solid Alt-Az Mount is fitted with a Vixen bar clamp on one side and can mount Losmandy-style plates on the other, allowing you to mount two telescopes simultaneously. Mounting two telescopes should allow you to balance both more easily too. Two scopes, twice the fun: invite your family to observe with you, or use a large and a small telescopes at the same time.

The head weighs 3.5 kg and mounted on a quality tripod will offer all the stability you need without compromising its portability and ease of use. The "Teflon inside" guarantees that there is no backlash and that your mount will perform outstandingly.

Wooden Tripod

The mount can be purchased "head only", or complete with a Tripod. This stable wooden tripod comes with an eyepiece tray. The tripod configuration includes the mounting plate.
It is ideal for our EAZY-Touch ALT-AZ mount, unless you already own a very stable yet portable good-quality camera tripod, such as a Manfrotto or a Gitzo. Berleba chtripads are highly recommended too.

How much can I mount on it, how big a telescope?
Provided that you are using a GOOD quality tripod, you can mount up to 10 kg on either side without any need for a counterweight. That means that a 4"-5" refractor for example, is easily handled. For larger or heavier scopes, we recommend the installation of counterweights with a counterweight bar and standard counterweights.
The head has a standard camera-tripod thread to fit on most tripods, but we highly recommend our wooden tripod in the complete mount configuration offers the best quality/price ratio.

The black pillar base is threaded with M10 thread; this will work with most camera-tripods (metric threaded) and Vixen GP (SuperPolaris and Vixen type clones, Meade LXD75 etc.) compatible tripods; however to get the best possible "bang for the buck", we strongly recommend our wooden tripod (available separately too) .

We now sell a Vixen-style dovetail plate for usage with the Vixen clamp of the EAZY-T or with other compatible mounts.

Do you want to add another telescope to your set-up?

We recommend considering our WO Combo Plate and WO aluminum mounting rings depending on the telescopes you need to mount. A complete Package with COMBO is available for purchase with the head too.

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