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Important Note: This FAQ document will be updated as often as possible, however for technical specifications, prices, product manuals, availability, etc. the William Optics website should be consulted at http://www.williamoptics.com/ since these things are all likely to change over time.

The Goal of the FAQs: The goal of all FAQs is to provide information that might not be obvious on the WO web site, to provide answers to specific questions that get asked frequently, and to serve as a place to search for answers to things that might have been answered before. Wherever possible hyperlinks will be used.

Improved Search provided by SkyInsight.net: Please try it! You might find an answer to your question very quickly and easily on the sight with the help of this new tool, which is located right on the front of the WO Yahoo Group home page.

Disclaimer: I did my best, but since much of this information comes from answers provided by other Yahoo Group members there is a possibility that it's not 100% accurate so keep that in mind. For corrections, changes, updates, and ideas send an email to t.bottoni@comc ast.net

Last updated March 28, 2006 by Timm Bottoni

General Questions

About William Optics

What does WO mean?
WO is a commonly used abbreviation for William Optics.

Where is the official William Optics Web Site?
The official site is located at http://www.williamoptics.com/ The website www.williamoptics.com is also maintained by William Optics. You can access WOnline secure online shop is located at http://www.williamoptics.com/wo_shop/catalog/

William Optics also maintains a Chinese language and Japanese language web site for international users who speak these languages.

How do I contact William Optics directly?
Visit the official site listed above. Click on the Support section to find the latest phone numbers, email addresses, and mail addresses of the corporate offices, and various country offices.

I posted a message to WO staff on a message site and didn't get a reply, why not?
Do not post a message that requires customer support to the WO Yahoo Group, or to any of the various forums or other sites and expect a quick reply, that's not what these groups or forums are for. In fact, most manufacturers will not post at all on these types of public forums. Those forums are open message forums that some of the WO staff visit from time to time, and are designed for users to share ideas and experiences with other users, and are NOT meant for WO to reply to support questions. As such, they are mostly uncensored, and while someone from WO may answer questions from time to time are probably the not a good way to contact William, or any of the WO staff if you have an issue that needs resolving. Often the staff at WO will want to solve your problem in the best way possible, and its not unheard of for them to offer specials or deals to solve problems for people, because they are so customer service oriented. Those types of messages are private discussions between WO and the affected party, and are not suitable for open forums. So the best way is to use one of the corporate email addresses listed on their web site at: http://www.williamoptics.com/support/

How do I buy a William Optics product?
Products can be purchased directly from the online shopping site listed above, or by finding an authorized dealer in your area using the Global Dealers section of the site. WO has a variety of quality dealers in the USA, and internationally that sell products, both in stores and via the Internet. You are free to choose whether you want to buy from a dealer or from WO directly, and should decide based on whichever method of purchasing you are most comfortable with.

Who is William Yang?
William Yang is the founder of William Optics, the headquarters are located in Taiwan. Visit the WO website for more information located in the About WO section of the site.

Where are new products announced first?
Often they are announced to the members of the WO Yahoo Group first, and online they are listed first on the Shopping site mentioned above, in the new products area that appears at the bottom of that main catalog page or on the What's New page here. http://www.williamoptics.com

Sometimes products are available in the online shop before they are updated on the product section of the main website.

Where can I learn more about William Optics besides the WO Yahoo Group?

Besides the William Optics website, there is a nice CN:Behind the Scenes article here, written by Tom Trusak.


There is some additional information that Tom gathered from the 2005 NEAF show located here:


Astromart has a forum about William Optics located here: http://www. astromart.com/forums/list.asp?forum_id=32

There are often additional reviews, articles, and discussion forums available on CloudyNights.com and Astromart including frequent discussions of WO products in the sections on refractors, eyepieces, mounts, optics and others.

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