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My name is Alfredo Garcia, Jr., and I live in Torrance, CA.
I was out doing some daytime astronomy yesterday and set out to capture images of the elusive Green Flash. I went out to Manhattan Beach Pier in Manhattan Beach, CA around sunset and proceeded to image.
I shot the series of images at 6:53 PM PST using my Canon Digital Rebel XT set at ASA400 and 1/500 sec exposure. I used the continuous image taking capability of the camera for the last few seconds before and during the green flash. I imaged through one of your Williams Optics ZenithStar 66 SD APO at f/5.9 that I bought awhile back in conjunction with your Megrez 90mm telescope.
Since we had just had a storm pass through Southern CA, I figured the air would be nice and clear and increase my chances of seeing and recording the green flash. My guess was correct as I did capture images. My 12-yr old son, David, was with me and he saw it visually while I was shooting through the camera-scope set-up. And I was also able to see the flash through the viewfinder of my camera. Was pretty amazing! My son thought that the green flash was just a legend as he heard of it during the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I aimed to show him it was a real phenomenon. Mission accomplished!! So I thought I would share this animated GIF file with you and if you wish you can post on your website. I did a search and I could not find an image much less an animated GIF of the green flash.
Thanks for making such great telescopes. I love both scopes and my 90mm Megrez is my main astronomical imaging scope that i piggyback on my Meade 10" f.6.3 LX200.


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