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Subject: WO Telescopes
Author: Garry Barton
Scope: WO ZenithStar 105 EDT, WO ZenithStar 80 FD, WO ZenithStar 66 Petzval
Description: For my mostly visual observing:

Mounted on a WO GT-ONE SS2K-PC equipped mount and tripod are a WO ZS105EDT, WO ZS80FD, and a rare factory Forest Green WO ZS66 Petzval. (the Petzval guide rings have since been updated to the WO 100mm Guide Rings) The CR150HD is using a WO 2" VR-1 Filter, WO 2" 90 Degree Erecting Prism, WO 2 speed Synta Focuser and WO 50mm Finder Bracket. (The finder scope has since been updated to a WO 7X50 Erecting Finder Scope)

Other accessories include WO RDF's with mounting brackets, WO 90mm Mounting Rings, WO 115mm Mounting Rings, WO 2" Dielectric Diagonals and WO 2" Quartz Diagonals, WO DCL-52 camera adapter and WO 2" SCT adapter for the WO ZS66 Petzval, 2 WO Combo Plates and a WO Triple Cross Plate.

On the other WO GT-ONE SS2K-PC equipped mount and tripod, that has been modified to HD by way of HD motors, counterweight shaft and weights, is a WO ZS66EDT in a rare factory Red, utilizing a WO 2" SCT Dielectric diagonal piggybacked on a C11 which is attached to the mount with a WO Saddle Plate. (the guide rings used on the WO ZS66EDT have since been updated to WO 100mm Guide Rings and a WO RDF with Mounting Bracket has been added)

All scopes have at their disposal a full set of WO UWAN eyepieces and WO Swan eyepieces and the WO 2.5 barlow.

Date: Sep, 2006
Place: Calgary, AB, Canada


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