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Subject: ZenithStar Fluorite Doublet & ZenithStar 66 SD Doublet
Author: Lance Frederick
I just received my GM-8 with digital setting circles this week and could'nt wait to put all my William Optics gear on it. It's a "Match made in Heaven".

First I took off the original GM 8 saddle plate and installed the William Optics combo plate, broader and rock solid! Then we've got the mount rings for the ZS80FD and 100mm guide rings holding the ZS66SD.

Notice my small and lightweight camera setup. It's a Starlight Xpress oneshot color SXV-M8C which has 4 megapixels and the pixels match these scopes very well. Especially when I get the SCT flattner for the ZS66SD! ; )

What is also nice about the camera is that it supplies power to the "tiny" 1 1/4" guider head and sends guider commands straight to the scope. No need for a second power supply and running cables back and forth to PC and mount.

My total scope and camera weight can't be over 12 lbs and the mount says it can take 30lbs. Right where I want to be, although.... a 110mm and my ZS66SD would do just fine too!

Thanks again for superior customer service,



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