FLT 132 Triplet APO

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Adjustable Reducer/Flattener(P-FLAT4):


Simply put: a joy to use. You will be blown away by the small details you can observe through this APO 132mm; fine details of DSOs, stunning resolution both visually or during astrophotography. Until yesterday this was only a dream at this price!

Stunning Optics
• Features a top-quality triplet air-spaced objective.
• This scope is extremely sharp and has a great color correction. It is ideal for astrophotography. 
• Precision optics with STM coatings.
• Designed by a leading designer with FPL-53 glass.

Large Focuser
• Extra-smooth All-New 2014 model 3.5" R&P Focuser: a treat to use during astrophotography. No more image shifting! 
• 360 deg. rotatable.
• Extra-heavy duty.
• Large aluminum knobs.

Ideal for Astrophotos 
• Have you always dreamed of taking those beautiful pictures of the heavens? Now is the time!! Few other refractors in this size have a DEDICATED Field Flattener
• Graduated scale for precise camera alignment.

Do-all Telescope 
• The 132mm objective is a great size for both wide-field and planetary observations. 
• The apochromatic performance makes it ideal for imaging. 
• This size will require a suitable mount in order to do astro imaging. Alt-Az mounts can handle this scope too if properly counter-balanced.

Simply Beautiful Finish 
• No plastic part used: CNC machined out of solid high-grade aluminum. 
• Pure William Optics quality fit and finish: powder-painted white CNC-machined aluminum tube, golden finish, retractable dewshield, anodized 360 degree rotatable focuser, engraved dewshield cap.

Attention to Details 
• Highly precise CNC machined lens cell.
• Solid CNC-machined mounting rings included in the price.

Total Quality Package 

• 2" & 1.25" adapters included.

• All with brass anti-marring compression rings.

• Aluminum knob's protection cover Included .

• Thermometer knob included .




Aperture 132mm
Focal Ratio F/7
Focal Length 925mm
Objective Type 3 elements, Air-spaced, FPL-53
Resolving Power 0.86"
Limiting Magnitude 14.5
Lens Shade Retractable (O.D. 168mm)
Focuser All-New 2014 model 3.5" R&P Focuser 
360° rotatable graduated camera adjuster 
1.25" Adapter included
1.25" Adapter Brass Compression Rings
Tube Diameter 141mm
Tube Length 104cm (Fully Extended) 
78cm   (Fully Retracted)
Tube Weight 9kg
Case High-quality Aluminum Case (Optional accessory)
Case Dimensions
99cm x 34cm x 30cm
Case Weight 13.5kg

Dimensions of scratches and dots shall not exceed the following values:
Surface finish class Scratches Points Accumulation of defects: 
Width, not more, mm
Total length, not more, mm 
Diameter no more, mm
Quantity, no more


Scratches Width, not more, mm 0.025mm
Total length, not more 1/4 of total lens diameter. 
Quantity no more 6
Dots or spot points No more, mm 0.4mm
Quantity, no more 4
Accumulation of defects Limited area, mm 0.8mm^2
Total area of scratches and points, no more, square mm 5.8mm^2



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