(NEW) 2" DDG Synta Refractors

Product Code: F-DDGSYN-W
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This new robust 2" DDG focuser and built-in thermometer is suited to fit Synta-made (Skywatcher, Celestron, Orion and more) refractors.
New generation 1:10 dual-speed fine focus! Smooth like silk, designed for extra heavy loading: three stainless steel reinforcements.


It will add functionality and style to your observations, assuring imaging without any image-shift, better star testing, and a touch of William Optics quality. The ideal upgrade for your refractor of any size!


2" DDG 360 deg. Rotatable Focuser, 1:10 dual speed microfocuser Zero Image Shift Ring Included
Drawtube Travel Length 3.15" (80 mm)
1.25" Adapter with brass Compression Ring Included

Weight : 1600 g

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