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A mount is only half of the equation. Actually less than half. The best telescope and the best mount, still need a versatile mounting plate to go with. 

Introducing the new WO "DDS" (double-decked saddle)

It fits both Vixen and Losmandy dovetail plate on the same saddle it's so elegant, solid, and machined to the highest standards, as any WO product.

Top Quality 
• William Optics uses only high-grade aluminum and anodizing for the product. This guarantees your plate to last a life-time.
• Precision-machined for perfect and smooth fit. 
• Red anodized to enhance good looks and durability.


• This DDS (Double Decked Saddle ) plates will mount on various German Equatorial Mounts (GEM).


Dimensions: 200mm X 151mm X 43mm

Weight: 1.1kg


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William Optics' new Red Dovetail Plate expands your options: you can now choose a fully-anodized, WO product to mount your telescopes on Losmandy style Saddle.


Perfect for WO's DDS or Losmandy saddle
• This new Losmandy-style dovetail plate has been designed to fit our DDS (Double Decked Saddle )plate perfectly.

Fully Anodized
• Fully Red anodized to last longer and look better.
• Large enough to accomodate mounting or guiding rings safely.

• Fits Vixen mounts (Great Polaris, Sphinx) and Synta mounts (EQ-series), and other compatible mounts, such as William Optics EAZY-Touch Alt-Az Mount, Meade LXD-55 and LXD-75 mounts, Celestron CG-5 and many Advanced Series go-to mounts.
• Precision-machined out of solid aluminum, Red anodized for great looks and life-long durability.


• Light but sturdy, mount any scope on it easily!  

Dimensions: 250mm X 100mm X 13mm

Weight: 650g



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