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This revolutionary new William Optics AFR-IV Adjustable Flattener and (0.75x-0.8x reducer) was made for 500-1000mm refractors.


Super-Transmission-Coated with 2-element unit was designed and produced by William Optics, the inner flattener lenses can be set at the optimum 66mm-86mm back focus by simple hand twist (Distance from flattener lens to film or CCD plane).

This accessory is a must-have for refractor astrophotography.

LENS • Designed to cover full size DSLR cameras with clear lens aperture of 50mm.

• STM coated with excellent doublet air spaced design.

• Produced entirely with the best Ohara optical glasses.

• 35mm for full illuminated imaging circle.

AMAZING • It will flatten the field amazingly well and finally make you see those stars round!

• This unique flattener/reducer works with WO's or other 500-1000mm focal length refractors.

SUPERB • Superb William Optics anodized finish.

• All internal surfaces threaded and blackened for no reflections.

EASE TO USE • Rotating T-ring thread for any 35mm camera. The T-ring adapter is provided with a lock screw and extra lock retaining screws.

• Will accept any standard T-ring for your camera.

• Inserts directly into 2" focuser.

SUITABLE FOR • M90(2010 model), FLT98, FLT110, FLT132 and many others.

High-quality FMC
Lens-to-chip distance: 66-86mm
Rotating T-ring adapter
Clear Aperture:50mm
Weight:540 g

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