FLT 132 Triplet APO

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Adjustable Reducer/Flattener(P-FLAT4):


Soft carry bag included!!

Simply put: a joy to use. You will be blown away by the small details you can observe through this APO 132mm; fine details of DSOs, stunning resolution both visually or during astrophotography. Until yesterday this was only a dream at this price!

Stunning Optics
• Features a top-quality triplet air-spaced objective.
• This scope is extremely sharp and has a great color correction. It is ideal for astrophotography. 
• Precision optics with STM coatings.
• Designed by a leading designer with FPL-53 glass.

Large Focuser
• Extra-smooth All-New 2014 model 3.5" R&P Focuser: a treat to use during astrophotography. No more image shifting! 
• 360 deg. rotatable.
• Extra-heavy duty.
• Large aluminum knobs.

Ideal for Astrophotos 
• Have you always dreamed of taking those beautiful pictures of the heavens? Now is the time!! Few other refractors in this size have a DEDICATED Field Flattener. 
• Graduated scale for precise camera alignment.

Do-all Telescope 
• The 132mm objective is a great size for both wide-field and planetary observations. 
• The apochromatic performance makes it ideal for imaging. 
• This size will require a suitable mount in order to do astro imaging. Alt-Az mounts can handle this scope too if properly counter-balanced.

Simply Beautiful Finish 
• No plastic part used: CNC machined out of solid high-grade aluminum. 
• Pure William Optics quality fit and finish: powder-painted white CNC-machined aluminum tube, golden finish, retractable dewshield, anodized 360 degree rotatable focuser, engraved dewshield cap.

Attention to Details 
• Highly precise CNC machined lens cell.
• Solid CNC-machined mounting rings included in the price.

Total Quality Package 

• 2" & 1.25" adapters included.

• All with brass anti-marring compression rings.

• Aluminum knob's protection cover Included .

• Thermometer knob included .

Aperture 132mm
Focal Ratio F/7
Focal Length 925mm
Objective Type 3 elements, Air-spaced, FPL-53
Resolving Power 0.86"
Limiting Magnitude 14.5
Lens Shade Retractable (O.D. 168mm)
Focuser All-New 2014 model 3.5" R&P Focuser 
360° rotatable graduated camera adjuster 
1.25" Adapter included
1.25" Adapter Brass Compression Rings
Tube Diameter 141mm
Tube Length 104cm (Fully Extended) 
78cm   (Fully Retracted)
Tube Weight 9kg
Case High-quality Aluminum Case (Optional accessory)
Case Dimensions
99cm x 34cm x 30cm
Case Weight 13.5kg


Specification for Apochromatic Lenses

All WO refractors objective are double tested and inspected before shipping to our customer, these telescopes are free of coma and astigmatism.
Since all individual lens surfaces are machine coated sometime it could have visual imperfections which do not affect the objective optical performance.

Dimensions of scratches and points shall not exceed the following values:

Surface finish class Scratches Points Accumulation of defects Width,not more, mm Total length, not more, mm, Diameter no more,mm, Quantity, no more Diameter. 


Scratches Width, not more, mm 0.025mm
Total length, not more 1/4 of total lens diameter. 
Quantity no more 3
Dots or spot points No more, mm 0.4mm
Quantity, no more 3
Accumulation of defects Limited area, mm 0.8mm^2
Total area of scratches and points, no more, square mm 5.8mm^2




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